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As a busy mum, life can be overwhelming & stressful.

It can be  hard to remember your dreams and ambitions, let alone achieve them. But it is possible.

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For the first time in years, I can see a time when I am back in control of it. And IMC has helped me to get here - before I joined the IMC, I had forgotten how to have confidence in myself, had no belief in myself, would not have known where to even start with this journey. I'm so grateful to you, Anna, for being a voice of sense amongst the noise of nonsense in my head; to all of you lovely ladies for being supportive, accepting, amazing women. Thank-you. xx
(I am also holding the hypnosis and visualisations fully responsible for me getting a new job too).

Charlotte Browning

Anna, I will love you forever for creating such beautiful, empowering and inspiring tools. Thank you SO much!!!

Tori Perriss

So much to say about the workshop on Sunday with Anna, at the wonderful Woburn Centre Parcs. I can't really recommend this enough.
I'm usually quite a private person, but it was so rewarding & worthwhile being open in that safe space, so we could all gain more strength, self worth, and confidence.
Funny how as women, we don't realise how important it is to value ourselves, just as we are. And then how liberating it is to admit all our own needs, dreams, and ambitions, especially while in such trustworthy, supportive company. The award winning Aqua Sana spa at the end of the workshop was the cherry on the cake.
I can feel that the things I learnt about myself and my mind, with Anna's professional and caring guidance, will be having a very positive effect for some time to come. Confidence rocks!

Lisa Graydon

The impact you’ve had on my whole life, my work, my family, my mental health, has been utterly transformational. I will be forever grateful for the way you’ve opened me up to the possibilities rather than focusing on how bad I feel. Thank you so much Anna.

Sam Devereaux

Just listened to the Confidence visualisation for the first time - wonderful!! Just what I needed when the 4am fretting began. Thank you so much Elizabeth xxx

Elizabeth Griffiths

For me Inspiring Mummy Club is a chance to grow, develop and seek new adventures. Confidence and the ability to take control are huge lacking points in my life right now. The chance of meeting other mums who also may be feeling vulnerable, who lack 'oomph' or just need some guided inspiration like myself, really warms to me. It’s a proactive opportunity to take back control and start taking chances for personal development.

Julie Naples

Working with Anna is very intuitive. She has the gift of being incredibly perceptive and an inspiring ability to create an environment conducive to openness and growth. A safe and empowering coaching experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend.

Cecilie Lehmann

I loved this visualisation and absolutely bang on what I'm going to need over the next few weeks and months. Your voice and tone was heavenly to listen to...... The words confidence and clarity stood out and I'm sure the more I listen to it the more they will override anything else in my brain. Thank you so much for this.

Rachael Beresford

I just wanted to share how helpful I am finding the members content and the Facebook group. This time of year is such a crazy time for me. The small moments of positivity, clarity and encouragement from everyone are life savers. I also wouldn't be without the meditations and visualisations right now.. With the summer holidays ahead, I will be checking in lots!!

Joanna Mulcahy

Listened to the hypnosis when stress levels were at an absolute maximum and it definitely helped normalise me again.

Abigail Bowerman

Totally brilliant idea! Being a working mum, juggling home life, social life, kids life, school life, exercising, pets etc etc. Trying to stay motivated,organised, cheery and not feeling guilty for the 'me time'. So much to take on board. I'm in.

Nicola Redman

Knowing that we can connect with other like-minded women is a great idea, a fantastic way for us to have solidarity in a demanding time.

Gabrielle Baker

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