Mindfulness improves your life as a Mummy

One of the most precious things I noticed within a week or so of starting to explore Mindfulness, was how often I would rush through giving my children a hug. There was always the next thing I had to be doing. Introducing Mindfulness in small moments throughout my day had a surprising effect, and gave me a chance to enjoy the moment, the hug, the child in my arms.

We’ve all heard about Mindfulness. It seems to be the latest buzz word in all the healthy living magazines and articles right now. Working out what it all means, and how it would benefit you, is not always clear though. Isn’t it just another thing to tick off the list? Well, frankly no.

Mindfulness isn’t about doing one or two exercises and ticking it off the list (although just one exercise could lead to you making some newfound, powerful discoveries about how you are living your life, and all that you are missing). Mindfulness isn’t about one more pressure to conform to the latest trends. At core, it is a way of being alive, of choosing how you interpret the world around you, in the moment that it happens.

Mindfulness offers opportunities to escape from the constant thoughts in your head. It offers a chance to remember where you are, right here in this moment. What are the sounds, sights, smells and sensations happening to you, and around you, and what are your thoughts about them? In short, it’s a way to take your mind from whatever frazzled thought about what you have to do next, into a much calmer place.

Embracing mindfulness isn’t difficult. Remembering that all the tools to do it are at your finger tips, constantly, wherever you are is all that it takes. And that can become habitual.

How you brush your teeth, how you pour the kettle, how you chop your vegetables, how you stir your tea. All of these can be made into a meditation practice as you stay fully alert and awake. In fact, more alert.

So when I hugged my children, I gained a greater awareness of how they smell, what the fabric of their clothing feels like, what the texture of their hair is like, what the warmth of their small bodies does to my own body. This greatly changed my immediate relationship with them. I came to notice that I had not been noticing, that my attention had been elsewhere.

And what is more precious than a hug from your child? Enjoying those moments, luxuriating in them, and taking a mental note of all that happens and is shared in that hug, has made a world of difference to me.

At Inspiring Mummy Club, we’re all about how to improve your everyday experience as Mummy, as you grow and develop yourself. Mindfulness is a perfect way to take stock of all that you have, with no judgement and no fear. It is simply you being in the moment.

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Anna Parker-Naples is the Founder of the award-winning Inspiring Mummy Club. Anna's passionate about inspiring and motivating people to create their lives the way they want them. Qualified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher & Mindfulness Practitioner, Award-winning actress & Hollywood multi-award nominee. She hosts the popular Inspiring Mummy Club Podcast too. Oh, and Mummy to three children, aged 13, 10 & 8!

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