Inspiring Mummy: Faye Dicker

Inspiring Mummy Club Faye Dicker

Tell us about yourself (Name, age and anything else you want to say): I’m Faye Dicker, broadcaster by trade and mum to Jemima (5) and Suki (3). Also driving force behind Freelance Mum – the brilliantly bonkers networking events, that allow parents in business to network AND bring their children.

Tell us about your family set up: I live in Whitchurch Village, South Bristol, with my two gorgeous girls, my lovely husband Eddie and our vole catching cat Lulu! I cycle the girls to school every day, in my huge Danish cargo bikes, which attracts lots of waves and smiles – but it keeps me fit, is fun and I love it. We live at the foot of Dundry fields, with a barn in the back garden, which ONE DAY, we will convert. We bought our house from the church, which follows a design called ‘the green plan’ – which pretty much means, it’s designed so you can work from home and be self contained from the rest of the house. Perfect for when I’m recording a session in my studio!

Do you work or stay at home? How does that work for you? How do you feel about those decisions and choices? Has what you do greatly changed since you’ve had a family? In what ways? As a voiceover artist, I’m really lucky in that most of my work is based in my home studio – and I can make it fit in around family life. It can be a case of wonky hours, but I’m happy with that, especially while the girls are still young. I’ve worked in media since I was 14, so it really is my second home behind the mic. Before having Jemima, I was presenting the early breakfast show at BBC Radio Bristol, 4am starts every day were exhausting! I’d get home and crack on with voiceover. That all changed once the girls were born and while voiceover was still my thing, I realised that although I’d been a freelancer most of my working life, throwing motherhood into the mix was another ball game! I found it hard to meet up with fellow ‘freelance mums’, so I started a blog and podcast called Freelance Mum, designed to build a community for mums like me. What happened next was a spin off of the website, when the networking events were born – funnily enough at the same time as my second daughter Suki. Literally, I launched the first one when she was 11 weeks old – it was bonkers! Now we’ve been going nearly 3 years and have two meetings month, both designed to take care the needs of mums and children alike. It’s brilliantly bonkers and a real labour of love. I’m proud to say cBeebies Katy Ashworth, has recently joined us as our ambassador!

What are your day-to-day challenges as a mum? I suppose the same as all mums – getting children to listen to me, getting them out of the house on time, trying to sound professional, while fielding calls as some one is calling ‘I’m finished, come and wipe my bottom’! It’s the classic juggling act, keeping yourself in the game, while balancing work around family – oh yes and keeping a bit of time back for yourself!What would you most like to change about your current situation? Hmm, that’s a tricky one – because actually, it’s a pretty good set up. I don’t want to wish away the girls childhood, but school holidays and illness, means inevitably as the (freelance) mum I pick up the slack – which is difficult. I’m not sure there is a way around it. I’d love to have a 24 hour child free window with my husband, but there’s not one (or hope of one) on the horizon, but really truly – we have a wonderful extended family and are very blessed.

In what ways do you hope to inspire your children? To be a positive role model. For them to see that I love what I do – that if you put your mind to something, you can do anything. To think outside the box and not be discouraged if you don’t find your thing through the conventional route at school. To love life and live it to the full.What inspires you the most? (People/books/art etc…)I’m not sure really, I don’t have time to read books, though I would love to – these days the best I get is a good on line article. These days, just looking out the window at the world that we live and the family that I love, is inspiration.

Do you currently take any regular time out for yourself? What do you do with that time out?If not, why not? What prevents you? I’m really lucky in that I’m a member of the Lido in Bristol and have been for years. It’s my place! I meet my friend there every Saturday morning at 7am, for a swim, sauna and steam – we call it the ‘lido download’! Quite seriously, it resets my head every time I go and really is the only thing that makes me feel human again. I think there is something to be said for exercise, fresh air and chatting. I’m a big fan of exercise.

What are your thoughts about the Inspiring Mummy Club, and what do you see as its appeal? I think it’s a good place for mums to come together, in a safe environment - to support each other at a difficult time and flourish.

Click here you can find out more about Faye and Freelance Mums (particularly if you are a mum in the Bristol area). Faye's doing amazing things to support mum entrepreneurs. 


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