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I recently did a survey amongst some of our followers, and one of the biggest frustrations was ...

'I don't have enough time!'

How is it possible to make time for you, when you have a busy family and home to run? Well, planning is key. If you want some more time to do good things for yourself, you have to take responsibility for making it happen.

So today I want to share a strategy with you that I use. Every week (usually on a Sunday), I sit down and plan when I am going to do all of the activities that make me feel better and keep me focused on growing. I use a 'Weekly Me' Time Planner to check every day that I am working my way towards my self-care, confidence and clarity goals. 

It helps me keep on track - reminding me that hypnosis is important and visualising makes a difference. It reminds me to take small 3 Minute Mindful Breathers throughout my day.

If you know you're ready to stay focused on your own needs, day after day, then this Weekly 'Me Time' Planner is for you!

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Anna Parker-Naples is the Founder of the award-winning Inspiring Mummy Club. Anna's passionate about inspiring and motivating people to create their lives the way they want them. Qualified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher & Mindfulness Practitioner, Award-winning actress & Hollywood multi-award nominee. She hosts the popular Inspiring Mummy Club Podcast too. Oh, and Mummy to three children, aged 13, 10 & 8!

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