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Kickass with Mel Robbins is one hell of a listen. One of the first of the new offerings from Audible Original, this audio (free with membership) has some strong, memorable moments. The audio gives you a birds-eye (well, ear) view of some real life coaching sessions, and wow! Mel gets some incredible results.

I'm a life coach and Master NLP Practitioner myself, so it's always fascinating to listen in to another coach hold a session, and having this with me on my travels in the car was a total treat. This is not for the faint hearted though, and certainly not one to listen to with the children around. Make sure those earbuds are firmly in if you're listening with them around.

How Mel Robbins kickass.

Mel's approach is far from softly, softly and molly-coddling. She is straight-talking and insightful about the issues that her coachees bring to the table. Each client was picked after a national competition in the US, so they are aware that they are recorded, and fully ready to make some changes. That doesn't make it easy for them though, and the breakthroughs they finally reach are inspiring. 

Abuse, addiction, self-harming, suicide and narcissicm are by no means easy topics to address, and yet in each case, the powerful changes that come about in the sessions are moving. You can't help but will them to be able to open up and be brave to make the changes that you know are available to them when they decide to let go of the past behaviours and resentments. 

This is a great listen, and I highly recommend you put it on your Must-Listen list by clicking here. 

Life has its ups and downs, and I know from past experience that having a coach make a dramatic impact on your ability to move forwards. My methods aren't quite as hardcore as Mel's but I get results, and I'm a mum myself, so I know the struggles that can come with that. If you'd like coaching yourself, keep in touch by signing up below.

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