School's Out for Summer

Mindfulness for mums

Today is the day, school is out for the summer! I'm full of mixed emotions, and I'm sure that I am not alone. There were times I thought this day would never get here; I've felt desperate for the daily grind of school runs, clubs, packed lunches and homework pressures to be lifted. And yet as I watched my children go into school this morning, I felt emotional. So much so that when I sat in the car, I had a little (ok, it was a bit of a snotty mess of a sob, as my emotions just hit me) cry.

One of my children leaves her school today, another is devastated to leave a favourite teacher who has gone above and beyond in her care of him this year.

I feel their sadness, just as I feel their eagerness to move on, to grow, to have new experiences.

What makes me emotional about school.

The passage of time is strongly marked by the end of term. Yes, we have a glorious summer ahead of us (I can say that now, before we start winding each other up!), but nevertheless, my children are only young and living with me in my home for 18 years in total (at least as children, who knows how long they will be living with us as adults - but that is different, isn't it?). We've already had quite a few of those years! How quickly the time has flown, and it is for my future self that I feel emotional for, the advance warning of the empty nest. 

In the day to day grind, I do not always see how much they have grown in height, maturity and confidence. I do not always see them in the rush, rush, rush of a busy mum. And I know that this is ironic, given that I practice and teach Mindfulness and Meditation. None of us are perfect.

Today, despite the car to pack and holiday preparations to be made, I've allowed myself to sit, quietly and ponder. Mostly, I've been thinking how lucky I am to be a parent. Because amidst all the noise and calamity of life at the centre of a family of five, this is my life and the most important role I will ever play.

I'm renewing my promise to myself to be more mindful, and to slow down. That's going to involve more meditation so that I can step away mentally from the busyness more often. If you want to join me, then please do. We have some fabulous meditation and mindfulness resources available in the membership area, and we can commit to it together. Pop your details in the box, and I'll keep you updated on what's going on. 

And if you keep scrolling down, you can let me know how you're feeling about the end of term.


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