Book Review: Mumpreneur on Fire 3

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As founder of Inspiring Mummy Club, I'm always on the look out for books to inspire other mums, and Mumpreneur on Fire 3 does it in spades!

Since we recently launched our new baby sister to IMC, the Inspiring Business Mums FB Group,  I'm particularly pleased to find some many amazing stories in one place. These are just the kind of personal struggles and victories that our popular podcast shares on a weekly basis.


This book touched me with the level of raw emotion each of these 24 women shared. Between the covers of this book are REAL women, mums out there making their dreams happen, amidst the highs and lows of parenthood and the sometimes appalling challenges that life throws at us. The overall impression it left me with (and I read the book all in one go, as I couldn’t put it down!) was that no matter your education, background, relationship or financial circumstance, if you want something badly enough, you CAN make it happen. I felt myself wanting to cheer these women on, as they emerge through becoming a mum, into a whole new level of determination. This is what it means to be a mum in business, right here on the pages. The honesty and openness made me emotional more than once. It made me take stock of all I have, and I all I want.


Some stories stood out more strongly than others, and I'll admit that some were more well-crafted and edited than others. That does not detract from the overall message though.  What I chiefly came away with was a sense that as mums, no matter what other challenges we have been through, no matter what difficulties we currently face, we have the greatest reason to turn our lives around: the legacy of self-belief that we leave our children.

To get yourself a copy of this book,  set to become a bestseller, like the first two in the series, then click here.

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Anna Parker-Naples is the Founder of the award-winning Inspiring Mummy Club. Anna's passionate about inspiring and motivating people to create their lives the way they want them. Qualified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher & Mindfulness Practitioner, Award-winning actress & Hollywood multi-award nominee. She hosts the popular Inspiring Mummy Club Podcast too. Oh, and Mummy to three children, aged 13, 10 & 8!

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