Inspiring Business Mums: Meet Sarah Auger

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To celebrate the exciting launch of our brand new Inspiring Business Mums FB Group for networking, we are focusing on sharing stories of Mums in Business, to show you that anything is possible.

Today, meet Sarah Auger, from The Sensory Fairy, and read her story.

Tell us about yourself: 

I'm a single mother to 3 children. Sadly one of my children, a twin to my daughter, passed away 3 years ago. Due to my children's health conditions I was unable to return to to my job after maternity leave, and a career break, because of regular hospital appointment and illness. I decided that I would use my experience of being a special needs parent to my son, and start my business helping other parents in my situation find sensory solutions for their children.

Tell us about your family set up:

There's me and my children: Owen, who is 12, and my daughter Tilly, who is 3. My daughter and her twin, Teddy, were conceived using a donor, and so my son's dad is also like a father to her.

Do you work or stay at home? How does that work for you? How do you feel about those decisions and choices?

I work from home. I have to work from home and work flexible because of my children's medical needs. My daughter was premature and has a weakened immune system so falls ill frequently. It was the best decision for me, and the only option really, I needed to be super flexible for both my children but didn't want to be out of work just waiting for the next illness to take hold. I need to work and my set up is perfect for us all. Before my twins came I worked as a phlebotomist in my local hospital.  I loved the routine of waking up and taking my son to breakfast club, go to work and be back in time for the school run. Things have changed greatly and the biggest part I miss is colleagues at work. When you work from home you're quite isolated.

What are your day-to-day challenges as a mum?

Trying to get my son up out of bed! Because he has special needs he can feel anxious about school and refuse to go in, so quite often we are late, this is where working flexible is great. When my daughter is off nursery with an illness trying to juggle plans for work for that day with a poorly child clinging to you is very hard, so sometimes my work will suffer but my daughter is the reason I chose to work like this, so that I can look after her when she is ill.

In what ways do you hope to inspire your children?

I want them to know that no matter how hard life can be, with the obstacles in our way and grief we have suffered, that we have come out the other end and absolutely enjoy life. I want them to be able to look at me and be proud that I have a little business, and we cant afford to enjoy trips out, and that I spend lots of time with them.

Do you currently take any regular time out for yourself? What do you do with that time out?

My time out is one night every 2 weeks. I might go for a drink with a friend, but mostly enjoy a hot soak in the bath, play loud music have a glass of wine and just relax.

What are your thoughts about the Inspiring Mummy Club, and what do you see as its appeal?

I have only found about about the Club recently. But it definitely appeals to me because of everything that's happened the last 3 years, all of the changes. I need more me time and the Club can help me achieve that by helping give me more clarity.

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