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If you've had enough of feeling stuck, then read on ...

If you're tired of feeling unsatisfied, overwhelmed and out of control, then Inspiring Mummy Club is for you.

Perhaps it seems as though you have so much going on for the family, that there isn't anything left for you. Maybe you feel as though you've lost your confidence and don't know where to start. You know things aren't right, but how much can you achieve as a mum?

Believe me, we've all been there. And the tools and resources we've got for you in Inspiring Mummy Club can have a massive impact on all areas of your life.

"Anna provides great resources and encouragement to her members, with new content added monthly. The visualisations, meditation and hypnosis tracks are helping me make huge changes in my life and increasing my mindfulness." Elleesa Rushby

If you know that it is time to change, time to take action because there has to be more to life, then now is your chance.

By joining us you'll get these amazing benefits:

Reduce Stress ​

Take control of your stress, anxiety and overwhelm with our Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis tracks, designed in bite-sized exercises so even the busiest mum can make time for more CALM.  If you're tired of being frazzled, our Mindfulness online course is for you. This alone will transform your life.

​Increase Confidence

Give your self-belief an overhaul! With our specially designed printable Inspiration Packs full of life-coaching and NLP tips, together with our powerful Hypnosis tracks, we give you easy and real ways to boost your confidence quickly. You can start believing in yourself NOW.

Create a Life you Love

By making you be honest about what's not working in your life, what's keeping you stuck and making you miserable, we can help you work out how you can bring into your life the kinds of things you really want - creative ambitions, new hobbies, positive people & improved relationships.

"Since joining the club, I've  noticed so many positive changes in my life."

 "My confidence has grown and I have developed incredible skills to help me cope with this crazy hectic world of motherhood."

- Joanna Mulcahy (Mum of two, boutique owner)

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Life should be about more than surviving.

 We want you to do more than just cope as a Mum.

We want you to


"For the first time in years, I can see a time when I am back in control.  Before I joined the IMC, I had forgotten how to have confidence in myself, had no belief in myself, would not have known where to even start with this journey. I'm so grateful to you, Anna, for being a voice of sense amongst the noise of nonsense in my head." Charlotte Browning.

Through listening to our high quality audio and completing our monthly Inspiration Packs & Mindfulness Moment exercises, we'll give you the best chance you can get to improve your mindset and start creating a life you love.

We know being a mum can be a challenge, and we're ready to help you do all you can to make some room in your life for your own needs - your confidence, your sense of self, and your dreams.

What Inspiring Mummy Club Does for You:


Find out about Our Membership Features 

"Our Inspiration Packs are full of life-coaching and NLP tips and techniques."

You'll have immediate access to over 12 months worth of Inspiration Packs, and every month we add a brand new printable, based on a topics such as 'Confidence','Creativity' and 'Self-worth.' We'll give you access to the best in personal development, so that you can make room to challenge yourself into new habits and beliefs about all that you are capable of. Created by leading Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming- the science behind how we think), Anna Parker-Naples (finalist for the Best You Awards 'Most Inspirational Influencer in the UK' and winner of the Inspiration Awards for Women) , they are designed to help you make some big shifts in your life.

Our Meditation tracks reduce your stress levels wherever you are.

Meditation is the best and simplest way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Our tracks are high-quality audio, written by a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, and regular speaker at the Mindful Living Show.

  • Listen to feel calmer, and improve mental wellbeing.
  • Improve health and  lower stress levels.

​Our Visualisation tracks help you to start creating the future you want.

Our subconscious minds are always trying to show us more of what we focus on, and with our Visualisation tracks, you can make sure you are regularly creating in your mind more of the stuff you do want to happen. We find it so easy to say what makes us unhappy and annoyed, well with these unique relaxing audios you can start to focus on what makes you happy. These are often a huge favourite with our members, at under 10 minutes long, they can squeeze them in daily to change their mindset fast. 

Our Eight-Week online Mindfulness course & Mindfulness Moments.

You've heard all about how Mindfulness can transform your life,  giving you real life-long tools for dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

We know it can be a challenge getting to an in-person course (and costly!) so we've created an online course especially for you to do from home, or wherever you are, complete with workbooks, resources and all the audio you need to complete the course, and feel more in control.

Plus every month we give you one of our Mindfulness Moment exercises to help you to make Mindfulness a way of life, something accessible and easy

Our powerful Hypnosis audio can transform your confidence.

The jewels in our crown are our powerful hypnosis tracks, written and recorded especially for Inspiring Mummy Club. Hypnosis is a safe, effective and quick way to make new thought habits in your mind.


These relaxing tracks can transform your life, whilst you lie back and unwind. Just one listen could be the the trigger to much more balance, confidence and clarity in your thinking.  

You'll have immediate access to our collection of tracks, with a new one added monthly.

Our webinars with leading Personal Development Experts & Authors

Every month we host webinars with special guests, all experts from the world of self-development and mindset. As a Member, you'll get priority booking for these informative, interesting and inspiring webinars, plus access to all of the replays.

  • Engage regularly with Motivational Speakers
  • Learn self-improvement techniques from the best in their fields.

1-2-1 Life Coaching and NLP sessions (Platinum Level Membership only) 

If you know you want to make major changes fast, you can have access to Anna Parker-Naples' private coaching as part of your membership. Anna is a Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Success In Life Coach. She is a Motivational Speaker, and all round enthusiast for Personal Growth.


Anna's powerful coaching sessions can be via Skype or in person in Bedfordshire, UK. Sessions are 1 hour long, are totally confidential, and are described as 'transformational.

"I loved this visualisation..."

"... and absolutely bang on what I'm going to need over the next few weeks and months. Your voice and tone was heavenly to listen to...... The words confidence and clarity stood out and I'm sure the more I listen to it the more they will override anything else in my brain. Thank you so much for this.

- Rachael Beresford

"Your hypnosis really helps!"

Listened to the hypnosis when stress levels were at an absolute maximum and it definitely helped normalise me again.

- Abigail Bowerman 


"​The impact you've had on my whole life...

 ... my work, my family, my mental health, has been utterly transformational. I will be forever grateful for the way you’ve opened me up to the possibilities rather than focusing on how bad I feel. Thank you so much Anna.

- Sam Dimmock 

What You'll Get Access To...

All of our resources and tools are online, meaning you can listen in wherever you are.

"The bite-sized exercises encourage me to grow and develop my own self, giving me confidence to change. " Amy Vaile

We provide everything that you need to start living a calmer, happier life, right now, all online.


We only open our doors to new members a few times a year, and only for a five days, so that we can focus on creating the most life-transforming content. If you want to join, make sure you take that step now.


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"You have been a huge source of support this year!"

Anna, I will love you forever for creating such beautiful, empowering and inspiring tools. Thank you SO much!!! Anna, thank you so much for all you do with Inspiring Mummy Club!"

- Tori Perris


"Just listened..."

... to the Confidence Visualisation for the first time - wonderful!! Just what I needed when the 4am fretting began. Thank you so much.

- Elizabeth Griffiths


"I feel so grateful..."

... that I’m part of that 5% of people (that want to live life to the fullest) and that’s honestly down to Anna and what she’s created, the inspiring people I’ve met/listened to/read about since September! I’ve put so many good things in to practice that I can’t stop and want life to get better and better for me and my family!

- Nicola Alexander

Think you can't afford it?

It costs the same as one cuppa a week.

Making an investment in yourself will positively affect your whole family. The calmer and happier you are, the more benefit your children and partner get.

We only open the Club for a few days during the year.  If you know you need help be calmer and happier in your life, then now is the time to join. If you wait, you'll miss out.

If you know in your heart that things aren't right for you now,

 do you really want to stay stuck?

What price would you put o​n more confidence, more calm, more self-belief?


You can't afford not to invest in yourself.

Summary of What You’ll Get When You

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    Monthly Mindfulness Moments
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    Monthly Guided Visualisation tracks 
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    Monthly Meditation tracks 
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    Priority booking for webinars with leading Personal Growth experts & authors
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    1 x Life Coaching/NLP session every three months via Skype (Platinum membership only)

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"I personally promise that you will be refunded if you decide the Club isn't for you right now."

Anna Parker-Naples, Founder of Inspiring Mummy Club.


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