Hello, Anna here, 

This is one of the biggest changes happening at Inspiring Mummy Club, and I can't wait to see what you think!

We're introducing Webinars and Videos with featured guests each month, and this will be the place to find them once they gone live, been recorded and uploaded (don't worry, we'll let you know all about them when they are ready for your perusal).

I'll also be sharing here some of the Facebook Lives and YouTube videos that I've created which I believe bring the most useful, motivating content.

Anna x

Elizabeth Tuckwell is a fine artist and healer. She works with art and meditation techniques to counsel people to nourish their own creativity and connect with their personal energy, so that they are no longer drained or depleted by negative situation and people. She has created a special gift for Inspiring Mummy Club which you can access here.

Natasha Fletcher is a freelance CBT Therapist and hypnotherapist. She runs her own practice and works closely with the UK's leading Insomnia Clinic. She's talking with us all about creating good sleep hygiene practices, so that you can ensure when stress hits that your sleep routines will keep you grounded, and how to recover poor sleep patterns quickly and effectively. You can find out more about Natasha at her website here.

Minniina Abbott, personal trainer and online fitness coach for Beachbody On Demand, shares with us how to get over your resistance to exercise.  You can find out more about joining one of our next fitness challenges here (choose the 3 month option to get your free trial). Minniina is a mum of three, and ensure that she fits in her own exercise in and around her children, so that they see her modelling putting her health first.

Catherine Morgan, presenter of The Money Confidence Show for Secklow Radio, and founder of The Money Panel & Financial Planner talks with Anna Parker-Naples about ways you can start to notice your money habits, and take back control.

 Watch this video to find easy ways to learn how to change your thoughts on money and finances, to be you back in the driving seat.  You can find out more about Catherine here.

Louise Presley-Turner, leading Personal Growth Expert, best-selling Hay House author and business mentor with Anna Parker-Naples about steps you can take to find a future that fits with who you are and what you want out of life.

 Watch this video to find easy ways to start making a changes to how you move towards a life you want. You can find out more about Louise here.

Jo Howarth, Mindfulness author and founder of The Happiness Club talks with Anna Parker-Naples about how Mindfulness can help you find happiness on a daily basis.  Watch this video to find easy ways to start making a change to how you feel. You can find out more about Jo at The Happiness Club, or at her Facebook Page.


Inspiring Mummy Club discusses Creating a Morning Routine with featured guest Rebecca Lockwood. Rebecca is the co-author of She Made It Happen, Amazon international best-seller, and Huffington Post contributor.  Watch this video to get inspired about waking up and starting your day.  You can find out more about Rebecca Lockwood on her website, Facebook or Twitter

Creating a Morning Routine